The generous grant from the Jingled Elves helps advance our mission to provide diapers and kindness to even more hardworking, low-income families in our community who do not receive government assistance, specifically those who are enrolled in our program located at the St. Elizabeth Seton Church campus in Golden Gate, which we have named in honor of the Jingled Elves!

We now provide diapers to more than 600 babies each month, and with the cost of diapers up 30% in the past year (and still rising) we are certainly putting these funds to good use and changing lives, one diaper at a time!

Thank you so much to Donna, Linda, Laura, Harleigh, Sue, and all the other dancing elves, volunteers, and supporters for helping us grow and keep our commitment to the precious babies who need us! Many babies and their families will have better health and a brighter future, thanks to all of you!

Jennifer Fey
Baby Basics of Collier County

It is only with the support of community partners such as the Jingled Elves that we are able to continue  to expand our services and campus to meet the growing needs of the children and teens who are placed at  Youth Haven.

The Jingled Elves grant to purchase furniture has allowed us to upgrade our common area living room seating.  Upgrading from modular, plastic  and indestructible to comfortable, home-like and durable.  The children and teens are excited to have furniture that allows them to snuggle on the sofa and watch TV or lounge and read books, affording them the same comfort as our own children and grandchildren.

Linda Goldfield
Youth Haven

We are so grateful for the help from our wonderful supporters of Jingled Elves!  Laces of Love has been able to help over 350 children in need.

Your donation has created smiles on many faces in the schools and shelters who help distribute the new shoes to the most in need.  Pictured is a young man in his wheel chair. He was so happy he wanted to hold his shoes and hug them!

New shoes do make a big difference to a child in great need. New Shoes will help create confidence in a child, build their self esteem and give them the feeling of acceptance. Thank you Donna and your fabulous  JINGLED ELVES!

Jeanne Nealon
Laces of Love 

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